Great horse training always uses communication, so in a nutshell our aim is to teach you a clear, science-based approach to connecting with your horse. All horse owners from time to time experience a difficulty in communicating with their horse, whether it is during ridden training or ground work. Our approach to bridging the gap between equine and owner is a positive, reward based method of connection.

Most training problems arise from confusion, anxiety or a lack of motivation in the horse, but if you can consistently ensure that training is clear, fun and rewarding for you both, then you can swap these negative behaviours for relaxation, mutual understanding and enthusiasm. We aim to encourage the horse to respond positively to your requests and when they do so, you reward them for their efforts – simple! Clear communication and plenty of rewards result in a willing and enthusiastic approach to riding and training for your equine partner and an enjoyable time spent together!

No two horses will follow the same path through Connection Training, as every horse has an individual personality and behaviours, just as we do, so we try to avoid training becoming mechanistic. There are Home Study Courses to follow and give you guidance, but within them we help you to understand your horse and adapt your training to help him be the best he can be.